Ongoing citizen survey Wittichenau

Citizen survey on the future of energy supply in rural areas using the example of Wittichenau in the period 01.04.-31.05.2023.
The survey is actually closed adn will be evaluated until August. You will informed about the results here.

The current challenges of the energy, heat and mobility turnaround are reflected in all energy sectors. This is directly visible in Lusatia. Large power plants in the region will be taken off the grid in the future or run on other fuels, which will have significant effects on the energy supply regionally and nationally. Lusatia as an “energy region” can positively accompany this process of transformation and use it structurally for itself. Small cellular energy systems represent an opportunity to generate energy in the region and to realize value creation. With the structural change project cellular energy systems “ZellSys” a transfer plan shall be developed with the involved actors on site, which can be realized technically in a later phase. The city of Wittichenau is to be given a special focus here. The project is supported by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control BAFA within the STARK initiative. Scientists from the TU Dresden are working together with local project partners from politics, business and industry to develop future concepts for a secure energy supply.

The aim of the project is to establish a flexible, cellular energy system in the region around Hoyerswerda (example of the city of Wittichenau). This will replace centralized large-scale power plants for energy supply through a high level of local energy self-sufficiency and the expansion of renewable energies. However, this requires a high degree of flexibility of the energy producers and consumers, in that their operation must to a certain extent be time-shiftable. The energy system to be developed should support the existing urban district heating network in Hoyerswerda and connect the individual sectors of gas, heat, electricity and mobility.

No personal data will be collected, but every question answered will help this project to develop ideas and solutions tailored to Wittichenau.
Although this survey is only a very small part of the complex work of the scientists, it is also an important piece of the puzzle.
Please participate in the survey. It is a great opportunity for our town.

More information at:
Citizen Survey – Wittichenau