Announcement of citizens’ meeting in Wittichenau

We would like to thank you once again for your active participation in the survey and would like to cordially invite you to the ZellSys citizens’ meeting to present the results of the citizens’ survey to you.


Friday, February 02, 2024


5 – 7 p.m.


Meeting house “Jakubetzstift”

Association(s) for Wittichenau e.V.

Bautzener Street 30

02997 Wittichenau


  1. Welcome by Prof. Seifert / Prof. Schegner
  2. Presentation of the project
  3. Evaluation of citizen survey
  4. Outlook

The citizen survey as part of the ZellSys project was conducted in the period from 01.04.-31.05.2023.

The aim of the ZellSys project is to develop a feasibility study for the transformation to a cellular energy system for the town of Wittichenau, with the clear involvement of citizens.

The central topics were initially general information on the person and housing situation, the current energy supply, needs/wishes for improvement, flexibility potential, acceptance and tolerance towards the use of renewable energies and alternative approaches, as well as information on funding opportunities. The survey provided the opportunity to give feedback on these and other topics and thus actively participate in the study on the cellular energy system in Wittichenau and help to collect data. The survey comprised 16 questions. All information was treated confidentially.
At the end of the period, a total of 482 complete responses had been received.

Further development of possible future scenarios will be carried out using the information gathered from the citizen survey. In addition, the local suggestions from the comments field will be taken into account in further project development.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the citizens’ assembly, please send them to us in advance.

A further announcement about the citizens’ meeting will be published in the Wittichenauer Wochenblatt approximately one week in advance.


Queries about the citizens’ survey and evaluation
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Paul Seidel/ Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Pauline Grun