Participating institutions

On the university side, the TU Dresden is involved in this research project. On the industry side, Versorgungsbetriebe Hoyerswerda GmbH and YADOS GmbH are involved. Associated partners are …




Dresden University of Technology has its roots in the Technische Bildungsanstalt Dresden, founded in 1828. Today it is a university that includes the humanities, cultural sciences, social sciences and medicine in addition to engineering and natural sciences. This diversity of its subject areas, which is unique in Germany, obliges it to promote the interdisciplinarity of the sciences and to contribute to the integration of the sciences into society.

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Involved in the project are the Chair of Building Energy Systems and Heat Supply and Chair of Electrical Power Supply, who have been working together intensively in the field of sector coupling and networked energy systems for around 15 years.


IET-Logo Institut of Power Engineeruing
Chair of Building Energy Systems and Heat Supply
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Chair of Electrical Power Supply


partners of the project

Stadt Wittichenau

Energieversorgung Schwarze Elster GmbH

Participants of der expert group




Versorgungsbetriebe Hoyerswerde GmbH


Krabat Milchwelt


Verein(t) für Wittichenau


Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection – The social market economy is the foundation of our free, open and solidarity-based society. The central idea of the social market economy is to protect the freedom of the economy and functioning competition while promoting prosperity and social security in our country. However, in order to ensure the protection of global environmental goods such as the climate or biodiversity, a fundamental further development of the German, but also the international regulatory framework is required. This is the central task of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

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